The Mirage Presents

A Powerful Dinner Theatre Musical Adventure

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Sugar, butter, flour – there are plenty of those ingredients, particularly the sweet stuff, in the musical Stewardesss, which opened Saturday night onboard the Mirage Luxury Yacht.  They mix in a refrain heard throughout the production, as well as the elaborate delicious pies the show’s heroine crafts. And much like those desserts, Stewardess is a sweet slice of a show that shines with the help of star Ingredients: Sugar, Butter, Flour.

Three gals let you in on their personal stories by serving you a delicious selection of songs. Let them butter you up with a starter, take you to a mouthwatering main course that will leave you dancing in the isles, and then party on with a sensational sweet delight.

Delicious food, tempting treats and hot songs – All the ingredients you’ll ever need to make for a truly special dinner service experience.

“Stewardess” owes its sweetness to the mouth-watering goodness of a high-end cruise with exquisite dining and spectacular performances.

Stewardess is blessed by a phenomenal cast, Janine Cornelius, Celeste Schoeman, and Jess Von Alleman, headed by Glenn Swart.