Mirage Catamaran

Just Brunch

Discover why Cape Town is truly special by immersing yourself in its natural wonders on the Mirage Catamaran. A place where relaxing, adventure meets luxury, where the majesty of nature unfolds before your eyes.

Mirage Catamaran Sail Charter
Mirage Catamaran Sail Charter

Your adventure awaits with the Mirage Catamaran Just Brunch

Bask in the sun, enjoy panoramic views in comfort, or be indulgent and dive into the crisp sea or simply sip and nibble from the various healthy and delightful treats from the private chefs. Get ready for a day filled with adventure or simply just relax from the week you just had. This experience adds a dash of tunes from a local DJ aboard the Mirage Catamaran creating the perfect obiance depending on what you feel. Its two levels give space for explorers to roam while providing comfort for those who prefer a bit more protection on the lower deck. Enjoy a full-service bar, panoramic views, yachting, and a glass of bubbles or a warm shower after a paddle or dive into the ocean on one of our two back transoms. – Go on dive in the yacht has a warm shower on the transom awaiting. #youonlyliveonce

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