We are proud to be a contributor to a non-profit organization called
Won Life

Won Life is a registered non-profit organisation, passionate about positively influencing the delivery of quality education for children in the under-resourced community of Fisantekraal, which is situated just outside of Durbanville. Won Life believes that the future of our country is largely determined by the quality of education delivered to our youth. With a good education, children have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and carve out a preferred future for themselves and their families. As we continue to impact and influence children’s lives, we will see the development of responsible and active citizens.

With this in mind, we have been involved in the community since 1999 and currently have four education-based programmes that service the community:

Early Learning Centre

Our Grade R school continues to deliver excellent, holistic education to 120 children each year in order to set these little people up for future school success.


Literacy Centre

This interactive, volunteer-driven English literacy support programme inspires and equips children to enjoy reading, writing and speaking in English.


High School Programme

Our Education Centre provides a safe space in which teenagers are able to complete their homework, projects and studying in an encouraging environment.

Teacher Mentorship Programme

This involves equipping and supporting teachers in an under-resourced environment to deliver quality education to the children in their care.

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